The tricky thing with Jinni (on a writing standpoint) is that while there are both aspects of Jinni and Lilith in her, its combining them into one personality.  There is not a Jinni and a Lilith  but an amalgamation of the two, Some parts are blended,  and other parts are from one or the other.  Like the love of Sassy… that’s from Jinni,  so Lilith’s hatred of succubi has been…. removed?  or at least its no longer dominant.   I think of it like genes. where some genes are dominant and others recessive…  that’s Jinni/Lilith’s personality…   but here I am rambling.. and you all have more important things to do  like read this comic again… and work out… would I like the first 6 years of Bloodbound as a single bound book?

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