Though with those hearts, I wonder who wants it more?
I am taking 2 weeks leave from work end of september, so will be prolly working on making an omnibus of the first 6 years or so.   Will be first available on print at Ka-Blam (where I once had small comics done) then I may post a E-pub version on the $5 Patreon thingee.   If theres enough interest in it.
There will be some differences in the print version,   as a lot of the old stuff was done in photoshop, or in MS4 . also will change some dialogue to tighten things up… and get accents right.    you know the stuff.
I did think about Kickstarter but I dont think I have the fanbase for that.
so Print on Demand it is. (I know I have to buy 3 or 4 copies  cos my Mum wants one and I like to keep one in archive thats not read  and of course the Proof version)

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