Jinni Darque:
portrate jinni
A vampire whose origins are unknown to all around her. Found in an alley by Christine La Rouge, Jinni was taken in by her benefactor who found Jinni to be totally ignorant of the world. However Jinni revealed to her parts of her history, where she had been kept as a caged animal and tortured by rouge elements of the Adamist church for at least 200 years as part of a study of Evil. What no one is supposed to know is that Jinni is a creation of Lilith the Deity of vampires, and is the receptacle of Lilith’s spirit, after Lilith’s apparent execution by her fellow deities.
Jinni has learned a lot since her freedom, and even had a brief fixation on playing World of Warcraft that was nearly detrimental to her new relationship with a succubus, Sassy. Jinni has also experimented with wine, and has decided, (after vomiting all over the lap of another vampire) that moderation is key.
After feasting on blood laced with fear (which acts much like PCP for vampires) Jinni was sent into a rehabilitation center where, in her mind, something is happening.
While she mostly seems to be quite mild and playful, she also is capable of cruelty.

Sassanah Amelia:
portrate sassy
Succubus daughter of Countess Amelia, and known as Sassy to her friends, and Demona while performing as an erotic dancer. Born in Vienna in the 18th Century, she was the only daughter of the Countess to survive the trials that would give her the right to life. After the trials she left Vienna and went to live in the newly human discovered “New World” settling in what would hundreds of years later as Kentucky. She made a profitable living as a prostitute, where she was able to feed on sexual energy, as well as make money while avoiding her mothers ire.
Over time Sassy has had many relationships, mostly with like minded inhumans of various species, from other demons, vampires and weres.
In modern times, Sassy started working as an erotic dancer, where she was able to feed on sexual energy from her audience, as well as make enough money for her small one bedroom apartment. Sassy met Christine La Rouge during an intimate moment with a free-were known as Anubis. Despite this less than ideal introduction, Sassy formed a very loose friendship with the vampire, whom was able to rebuff all her advances, and in time, Christine introduced her to Jinni Darque. From there a relationship formed between the two girls.
In an effort to increase the social standing of House Amelia, the Countess traced her daughter down and confronted her about her relationship with a vampire, rather than breeding with an incubus and bearing more succubi. This lead to Sassy and Jinni going out, and in an act of rebellion, Sassy got tattooed. This is a serious taboo in succubi culture who believe in the purity of fleshly beauty. On their return the conflict escalated until the Countess left.
Sassy is very highly charged, as a succubus would be by nature, but very loving and loyal to those whom she has formed an attachment with. She is a lover not a fighter, but there are times when she is willing to take a random humans life.

Christine La-Rouge:
portrate christine

Christine was born in the late 1800s in Quebec to a nondescript family of vampires. In the early 1900s she joined the Canadian Dominion Police and continued to serve during the amalgamation into to Royal Canadian Mounted Police until she faked her death in a shootout in Montréal. From there she moved south of the border and joined the Inhuman Law Enforcement (ILE) and became an inner-city patrol officer. She gained the admiration of her peers and respect of her superiors as she rose in the ranks until she had become a precinct captain. She caught the attention of Anubis, the city captain and the two became lovers, however this relationship was less than ideal, as both were sexually polygamous , but Christine demanded sexual monogamy from all her lovers where Anubis would not “Keep it in his pants”. Christine also formed a tight friendship with benefits with Brunhilde Sorrows, another vampire who served in the ILE in her area but at a different precinct. This would later evolve into a full relationship.
Christine discovered a naked starved girl in an alley while on a blood hunt, and nearly fed from her, until she discovered that the girl was also a vampire, and Christine became a surrogate mother, under orders of the local “Counsel of Inhuman Elders” where she has been teaching the vampire, whom she named Jinni, about life.
After the death of Anubis, Christine was appointed as the chief of the city inhuman police, and has been dealing with the various problems that have arisen, from an Elders murder, to attacks from an unknown type of creature, as well as the relationship issues between herself and her now life partner, and a young naive vampire girl and her succubus girlfriend.
Christine is very focused on duty, and desires only to benefit the In-humans in her area, She also has a quick temper, and a well developed sense of irony.

She is also a closet brony.

Brunhilde Sorrows:
portrate sorrows

Preferring to be known simply as Sorrows, she was born in the Germanic states of the holy roman empire somewhere in the early 1500’s. By stowing away on an early colony ship in England she made her way to the New World, and was present at the founding of the Roanoke Island Colony. When the colony leader returned to England to set up supply and trade, Sorrows was responsible for the colonists disappearance.
After this Sorrows disappeared into the wilderness following native trails and tribes, and wandered across the continent. She assisted in the occasional massacre of various peoples both native and immigrant and watched as the continent changed into a nation of various states. She learned patience and guile, but always held to her belief in human inferiority, but was able to change her methods to reflect the growing human population.
In modern times she joined the ILE and met Christine and Anubis. She formed a friendship with benefits with Christine and accepted Christine’s polygamous nature for a while, and rebuffed Anubis’ amorous advances. Even though Sorrows anti human feelings remained strong, she felt that the killing of children was wrong, which led to her being punished for failing in a mission of extermination of a human family. After the punishment was carried out, under the newly appointed City ILE Chief Christine La Rouge, she and Christine cemented their relationship as life partners, with Christine even becoming monogamous.

Sorrows is playful even with her age, and knows that she may only have a century or century and a half left of life left to her. She harbors an intense hatred of humans, which stemmed more from the culture she was born into, rather than any specific thing that humans have done. She also does not like bound-weres, but is comfortable with Free weres like Anubis

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