When Anubic first went over to the USA from Australia, one thing he discovered was Pie. Thats not to say there is no pie in Australia, infact Australia and New Zealand are very big consumers of pies. But the pies in the USA were mostly fruit flavored (and a few others like chocolate etc) where in AU and NZ pies are almost always meat. While he misses meat pies when in the USA he gets his fill of pumpkin, cherry, and as many other pies he can.

Meanwhile… whos at the door?
(and who can guess the reference?)

From December 16 to January 28th Anubic will be on holiday. There may be some story line based comics in that time (if he gets enough for a bit of a buffer) but he will also showcase any and all fan art that any readers would submit. So if you have had a Bloodbound fan art idea, please let us know! We would love to showcase your artwork!

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