(If you dont remember back when Nyx got her hands “Dirty” then look HERE
There might not be an update next week… or if there is it will prolly be a filler. This is due to work being done to update the computer to something more powerfull. Good eh!

Also dont forget that Anubic Darque Studios is open again! Its your go to place for Bloodbound! For other arts! and soon Darque’s photography (that part is coming up) I will also be adding a store thing there where you can get Tshirts and more! You want Jinni on a Tshirt. looking regal and hot and Sassy looking Sexy with her tail and wings and stuff…. yup very hot.
Oh and ILE tshirts.. cos you know you want to join the ILE.

Dont forget the Patoren and Paypals too!

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