You all may have noticed the Gofundme buttons on the sidebar and in the artist notes, so its time for me to let you know what it is all about.

Anubic lives in Australia, while Darque and the demons live in the USA. We got married on the 12th Jan 2012, and Anubic will be joining her and her sons (who he considered to be his sons) in the USA as soon as he gets clearance from US Immigration. If you would like to show support for Anubic and Darque, and the demon brothers, please drop a doller or two into the fund, which will be only used to help pay for fees and charges, or if you can’t please share this page, or the gofundme page to your friends.

Thank you all so much for enjoying BloodBound, It is a labor of love for us both.

Anubic and Darque

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