Bloodbound needs help, as does Anubis Dreams and Blood Brides (NSFW) I really want to get Bloodbound back to 2 times a week, and bring back Anubis Dreams AND Darque and I want to bring back Blood Brides!
To do this we need to get a better computer, one that will be built especially to be able to do the tasks of rendering a lot faster and have a lot more in the scenes as the computer I am using is a laptop thats about 9 years old. So please, if you can either become a Pateron or donate on Paypal, it would be very appreciated. Even if you cant, please share this to your friends, family, enemies, whatever, and help get Vampire Demon Sexyness onto your screens in a much more timely, and interesting way! Just click on the Pateron or the Hungry Abomination buttons to the side of the comic!

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