And this ends the mini arc about Luci. She was the prototype and progenitor of the Abominations that have made their presence known in BloodBound. (remember the battle scene between the ILE and the Aboms?) they will be back in blood bound.. However the Children of Blood story was originally going to be the preface to the sequel of Blood Bound, where Luci and her brood fight to find their place in a world of humans and inhumans. That was canceled. much like Project Lucifer. Will Luci ever be awoken? I don’t know. Mayhaps after Bloodbound ends, I might return to this and do this story, but at this time I make no promices.

@Vyna Nyx Yep shes in there somewhere. I remember experimenting with the “Grow your own Abom” thing I did. But that site is down, and I dont know if I will ever bring it back up.

@Katrina Joyner or sell them… she did try to Anubis (or his brother or something like that) before she… made that phone call to Jinni and basicly gifted them to her..(or Lilith)

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